How to become a frontend engineer

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Frontend web development embodies beauty. In the early days of computing nobody cared much about the aesthetics of web applications. Today, however a web application must be aesthetically pleasing if you want to remain in business and keep your customers happy.

Frontend engineering has become a hot, in demand tech skill all over the world as employers now consider aesthetics a competitive advantage. And this is good news as becoming a front end engineer would open a flurry of tech opportunities for you

In this article, we’ll be looking at what frontend engineering is, what they do, how to become one and how much they earn.

So sit back, relax and let’s dive right in

What is Frontend Engineering

Before we dive into frontend web development, let’s look at the full picture. A website or web application has lots of moving parts.

Let’s take a popular website like Facebook for instance. Imagine all the things you can do on that site – You could search for your friends, write posts, upload your lovely pictures, play games, chat with your friends and even buy items. You come back the next day sign in and voila! Here are all your information once again.

A lot of technologies had to come together to make this work – coding, designing, databases, caches, cloud computing and lots of other softwares and tools. To make this manageable, the task of creating and maintaining such a system is broken down into roles.

UX/UI – designs the website, how it will look.

Frontend – Implements this design, so users can interact with it

Backend – Makes the design functional, like registering, making payments etc.

DevOps – Over sees the day to day running and maintenance of the website

Cloud – implements and provisions services on the cloud

Fullstack – Someone with both frontend and backend skills

Now that you see the full picture, back to frontend engineering. So the frontend engineer creates the part of the website that the user sees – The ‘front’. He’s responsible for the visuals of the website. Things like the buttons, menus, forms, images, layout etc.

What Front End Engineers Do

They’re responsible designing and implementing the parts of the application the user sees.

They use languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript – which are the building blocks – and also frameworks and supporting technologies like Bootstrap, React, Git etc.

Front End Engineer Skills

Learn Coding

Every website you see on the web is made up of these three fundamental parts:

HTML – HyperText Markup Language: is at the heart of frontend web development. It’s just a combination of tags that represent headings, paragraphs, images, links etc. It can be referred to as the skeleton of the website. HTML by itself isn’t appealing and this is where CSS comes in…

CSS – Cascading StyleSheets: Used to beautify and enhance the appearance of web pages. It’s like the clothes on HTML. It’s a set of rules that define how the HTML tags should look.

JavaScript: Introduces interactivity to your web pages. Actions in response to button clicks, form submissions, validations, animations etc.

Learn Frameworks

Frameworks are developed to speed up your workflow and make you more productive. You can learn popular frameworks like React, Angular, Vue and even CSS Libraries like Bootstrap and Tailwind.

If you’ll like to get started with frontend engineering, our frontend development training will take you from the basics to proficiency is using one of these frameworks.

How much does a Front End Engineer Earn

According to Pilot, the average pay for remote frontend engineers in Nigeria is $55,000 per year. 


We’ve seen who a frontend engineer is, what they do and how much they earn.

You too can become a frontend engineer with the right training, guidance, lots of patience and practice.

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